Student Interns

Salisbury University 

Berlin Intermediate is fortunate to be a Professional Development School, PDS, with Salisbury University. As a PDS site, BIS teachers, welcome Salisbury University Education Majors into our classrooms where they participate in a co-teaching environment. The collaboration between the interns and mentor teachers' provides extra assistance in the classroom, which directly benefits the students.

This fall, we have 6 SU interns who will begin the 100 Day extensive internship required by the MSDE. The interns will be at BIS at least 1/2 day per week for approximately 8 weeks; following which they will shadow their mentor teacher full time for 20 consecutive days. Following Winter Break, the interns will most probably return to BIS full time for approximately 8 weeks.

BIS welcomes the following Salisbury University Interns (listed along with their mentor teacher).


 Intern 1
 Cora Cox 
 Kelly Thaw
 Kristen Cutter
 Kate Coates
 Makayla Merrill
 Pam Lipka
 Jennifer Ports
 Amanda Senter
 Lauren Thompson
 Lori Romano
 Rebeka Vansant
 Brittany Thompson